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What we can offer you
  • Company start up Support Services.
  • Registration of Companies.
  • Court Representation includes – Supreme Court, High Court, Tribunals, Labour Courts, ESI Courts, Family Court, Civil Court, Consumer Court, Conciliation Proceedings, Hearings.
  • Civil Litigations related to – Recovery Proceedings, Injunctions Suits, Writs, Wills, Probates, Succession, Surrogacy, Adoption, Rent control Act Cases and Property Disputes.
  • Criminal Litigations related to – Forgery, criminal breach of trust, criminal misappropriation, corporate fraud and economic offences.
  • Matrimonial disputes related to – Divorce, maintenance, domestic violence, dowry and custody.
  • Copyrights and Trademark Registrations.
  • Sexual Harassment related to – Sexual harassment laws including sexual harassment at work place issues.
  • Legal Consulting and Drafting of Non Disclosure Agreements, Business contracts, Deeds, Surety Bonds & Registrations.
  • Labour and Industrial Employment Law Consulting includes – handling of Employment Litigations like Termination, Discharge, Dismissal and Transfers.
  • Legal Audits includes – Company Due Diligence Audits, Entity Audits, Liability Audits, Vendor Compliance Audits.
  • Handling of Employment Disciplinary Proceeding includes –  Retrenchment, Layoff, Lockout and Closures.
  • Handling Union Settlements / Wage Settlements / Industrial Relations / Employer-Employee Issues.
  • Conducting training program on Labour Laws & Sexual Harassment Act.
  • Contractor Compliance Monitoring and Advisory services.
  • Arbitration, Conciliation & Mediation includes – Solving matter related to Company affairs through mediation and conciliation process.

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